Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is PitchUs?

A. PitchUs is a video driven global marketplace, a video platform for individuals, businesses and brands to market & sell their products, items, goods for sale, services offered and upcoming events using video clips to a local and global audience.

Q. What are the benefits of using PitchUs?

A. PitchUs allows you to host your sales and marketing videos on your own branded video channel and to target a relevant audience. Video grabs the attention of viewers like no other medium and when combined with call to action, you have a powerful marketing tool to drive customers to your own websites, shopping carts and place of business.

Q. Which is the best browser to use with PitchUs?

A. For the best user experience, we highly recommend you use the latest version of Firefox. Pitchus also works well with Chrome, Internet Explorer & Opera. These browsers currently represent 98% of global browser usage.

Q. How do I create a video channel?

A. Your video channel is your profile. After registering as a new user and signing in, click on your username in the top right corner of your browser. Select settings and complete the forms in steps 1 and 2. Once completed, click My Profile in the same menu to see your channel. To upload videos to your channel simply click the upload button in the top menu and follow the instructions.

Q. How do I obtain and view my leads?

A. When viewers watch your video, if they require more information regarding the content in the video, they can fill out a request info form, contained in the “act now” call to action feature in the top left hand corner of the video display. That information can then be viewed by you within the lead manager page which can be accessed by clicking your username in the top right corner of your browser and choosing lead manager.

Q. Is registration with free?

A. Yes registration and use of is free.

Q. How do I register as a site user?

A. Its very simple, click "Sign Up" on the home page. Alternatively, click here

Q. Do I have to have a profile on

A. Yes all registered users must have a profile on

Q. What information should I enter about me?

A. We recommend you enter as much information as you can. Share something about yourself. If you are a seller, advertiser or promoter, the more information you provide the better picture you build for your customers. Be specific in your description and offer alternative contact detail options to make contacting you simple.

Q. How do I change my username?

A. Your PitchUs username is permanent. You may, however, change your display name by visiting the settings page while logged in.

Q. I’m having problems logging in what should I do?

A. Most problems when logging in come from incorrect details being entered into the form. Please ensure you are using the correct username and password. If you have forgot your password please click “Forgot Your Password” link.

Q. I have forgotten my password what should I do?

A. If you have forgot your password please click “Forgot Your Password” link.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. You can change your password by clicking the "Change Password" tab on the settings page while logged in.

Q. What is following?

A. Following is an easy way to receive updates and stay connected to the people and content you like. When you follow someone you are simply becoming a fan.

Q. How do I follow someone?

A. Click “Follow” on the video player page or on a user s profile page.

Q. Can I follow anyone on ?

A. Yes, you can follow anyone.

Q. How do I stop following someone?

A. Go to the persons profile page and click “unfollow”

Q. When I follow someone do they automatically follow me?

A. No, they will be notified you are following them. They are not obligated to follow you back. Content Filtering

Q. How do I filter out Adult Content?

A. When uploading a video, enable the "Adult Content" option. This will add an age-gate to the video.

Q. How do I block other site users?

A. On the user's profile, click the flag icon next to the user's name and click "Block"

Q. Will the blocked user know that I’ve blocked them?

A. No, other users are not notified by us when you block them, however they may realize you have blocked them if they cannot follow you or send you messages.

Q. Can I unblock someone

A. Yes you can unblock someone by visiting their profile and clicking “unblock”

  Videos Uploading Basics
Q. How do I upload videos to

A. Simply click on your username in the top right hand corner of your browser and select Upload. You will be directed to the upload page. From here click the Upload File bar. Then you will have the ability to either drag and drop your video into the upload area or to select a file from your computer/other storage to upload.

Q. Can I upload any video?

A. Yes as long as it meets the requirements stated within our Guidelines. Certain content is not allowed and will be removed. Again please follow our Guidelines.

Q. Can I upload someone else’s videos?

A. No you cannot. You can only upload videos that you created or had a hand in creating or are the legal owner of. Please consult our Guidelines.

Q. Can I categorize my videos?

A. Yes, when uploading your video you may choose a category for the video as well as give a brief description about its subject matter and content. You can also use visibility settings to make it public or private.

Q. What format does Pitchus present its videos in?

A. For now all videos are presented in 720p format.

Q. Why do your Guidelines have so many rules concerning uploading videos?

A. is a friendly business type environment for people to connect with each other. The rules are in place to protect all of our site users. Please respect other site users and they will respect you. Failure to do so will result in your removal from

  Watching Videos
Q. How do I search for videos about subjects I like?

A You can search for videos that you may like by scrolling through the homepage and clicking on videos you like the look of. Or, you may open the menu and enter a search term in the search bar for the video you are looking for. Alternatively you can open the side menu and choose a category for the type of video you want to see. Clicking on any video will take you to its player page where as well as the chosen video you will find similar videos listed on the right hand side of the player.

  Playback Problems
Q. Why is video playback so jumpy?

A. Sometimes your internet connection maybe slow, sometimes the video will still be buffering. Sometimes your computer or device may have too many other processes going on. Try closing other applications and other browser tabs. Try letting the video buffer complete fully.

Q. What is buffering?

A. Buffering is simply another term for preloading. The video loads locally first so that it isn’t jumpy during playback. When playing a video you can see the videos length already played and length already loaded status within the bar. Make sure the loaded status is further ahead of the played status to ensure smooth playback.

  Reporting Abuse, Spam, Copyright Infringements & other Violations
Q. How do I report any abuse?

A. To report a video that violates our Terms & Conditions of Use please flag the video by clicking the flag symbol below the video player. To report a user for violations of Terms & Conditions of Use please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Q. Someone has posted material that belongs to me. What do I do?

A. This would be in breach of our Terms & Conditions of Use and Copyright policies Please follow the instructions provided on our DMCA page (Digital Millennium Copyright Act page).

Q. How do I stop someone from sending me unwanted messages?

A. Ask them to stop or block them or contact us and we will take the necessary action.