PitchUs Features
   Create & Brand Video Channels

Create your own video channel on pitchus.com for viewers to watch your collection of videos and keep updated with your activity all in one place. Brand your channel with your own logo and cover picture.

   Market Products, Items & Goods

Use short video clips to market and sell your items, products and goods. Give viewers all the information they require about whatever it is you’re selling or marketing. Your only limitation is your imagination. Keep it interesting!

   Promote Business & Events

Tell the world about your business. Go into detail about what you have to offer and how you can benefit the customer. Promote your upcoming events using video, make it exciting!

   Link your Website / Shopping Cart

Videos on pitchus.com showcase your business, its services and its products. So Link your website / shopping cart to your video channel to increase customers and boost business.

   Lead Capture & Call to Action

Capture leads directly from within our video player in order to increase your sales enquiries. Use call to action features to trigger action from your viewers and drive them to use your business.

   Share Videos to Social Media

Everybody is on social media these days and what a great way to spread the word about your video, by having the ability to share videos to all the main social media platforms.

   Communicate with Your Audience & Instant Messaging

Interact with other site users using our comments or instant messaging feature. It’s a great way to ask questions and discuss the contents of a video on show.

   Full HD Playback

All videos uploaded to pitchus.com are played back in Full HD


Best of all… all the features on pitchus.com are available to everybody who signs up for an account, for FREE. There are no user fees at all.


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